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Proximal Metatarsal Osteotomy Plate

1. The metatarsal osteotomy plate is designed to fit the anatomical axis, the anatomical reduction is easy after treatment, no need to pre-bend the steel plate during surgery.
2. Design of steel plate and screw is based on the Asian human anatomy.
3. The osteotomy plate has reserved section for bone grafting, that is easy to use.
4. Designed with high strength, our product is helpful for early rehabilitation.
5. Features of hidden edges, this proximal metatarsal osteotomy plate can reduce the stimulation of soft tissue, the thickness of steel plate is 1.5mm.

The patients can choose the size of screw: 2.7mm and 3.0mm, according to the situation of their bones. With general purpose screw hole, locking screw and non-locking screw are available.

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