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    1. Plum Blossom Head Self-Tapping Locking Screw
      Product No. Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
      10750-(010-060) HA2.7 10-40(in 2mm increments)
      45-60(in 5mm increments)
      10751-(012-060) HA3.5 12-32(in 2mm increments)
      35-60(in 5mm increments)
    1. Femoral Locking Plate
      Product No. Holes Length(mm)
      10703-007 7 128
      10703-008 8 146
      10703-009 9 164
      10703-010 10 182
    1. T Locking Plate I
      Product No. Holes Length(mm)
      10726-003 3 68
      10726-004 4 84
      10726-005 5 100
      10726-006 6 116
    1. Humerus Locking Plate
      Product No. Holes Length(mm)
      10700-005 5 69
      10700-006 6 82
      10700-007 7 95
      10700-008 8 108
    1. Distal Medial Humeral Plate
      Product No. Holes Length (mm)
      10718-00310718-103 LR 3 85
      10718-00510718-105 LR 5 111
      10718-00710718-107 LR 7 137
      10718-00910718-109 LR 9 163
    1. Distal Lateral Humeral Plate II TypeThis product applies the anatomical pre-shaped design to reduce the soft tissue irritation. It has no bending during the surgery. With the HA2.7mm locking screw, it can be used to easily, effectively fix the dismal small fracture fragment.
    1. FAST Mini Locking PlateThe fast mini locking plate is used with the fully threaded Ø2.5 self-tapping screw, providing the professional treatment solution for the fresh fracture of the non-weight-bearing bone, revision surgery, joint fusion and the skeletal reconstruction ...
    1. Clavicle Locking Plate
      Product No. Holes Length(mm)
      10732-006 L 6 88
      10732-106 R
      10732-008 L 8 114
      10732-108 R
    1. Distal Radius Dorsal LOC PlateThe versatility of the system enables the surgeon to reduce and hold even complex fractures in a stable manner, leading to minimal irritation of the ligaments and soft tissue from the flat plate and screw.
    1. Distal Ulnar LOC PlateIndication
      1) Used for proximal ulnar fracture
      2) The hook design in the head allows for it to hold to the ulnar.  
      3) Cross locking screws fix head
      4) Use Φ 2.0 locking screws in head, Φ 2.0 locking screws or cortical screws in body
    1. Distal Medial Radial LOC Plate 1) Φ2.4 locking screw in head, Φ2.4 locking screw or Φ2.7 cortical screw in body.
      2) The head screws were 5 degrees to the proximal end of the wrist joint
    1. Distal Radius Volar Column LOC PlateUsed for fractures in and out of the distal radius and osteotomy.
      Multiple locking screws in the head provide a variety of options for the fixation of radial and intermediate columns.
      The low profile design reduces the adhesion of tendons and soft tissue irritation.

Locking Plate and Screw System

Our locking plate is a medical instrument used for the fracture fixation, especially limb fractures. It is designed with several slots. Each slot is designed with one spherical compression screw hole and one locking screw hole. A few holes used for locking screws can be designed on one end or both ends of the locking plate. This kind of product is extremely suitable for the fixation of cancellous bone.

The curved type locking plate is devised with several slots. The locking screw holes are designed to be the conical or cylindrical multiple thread type.

1. Made with the human skeleton anatomical design, the locking plate requires less shaping in the surgery. It will cause less irritation to the soft tissue.
2. It can prevent the loss of the original and secondary reset. The smaller contact area between the plate and periosteum, can provide sufficient gripping force for the fixation of the normal or even osteoporosis bone.
3. It has many different screw fixation methods. In the surgery, the common type screws and locking screws can be used in combination, to meet different surgical requirements.
4. The locking screw can realize the angled fixation, enhancing the stability of internal fixation system. When used with the locking plate, it can offer the effective solution to the comminuted fracture and senile osteoporosis.
5. The end of the locking plate applies the bevel design, providing the convenience for the minimally invasive implantation.

Pure titanium or medical stainless steel

Package and Sterilization Treatment
The product is supplied in the non-sterile package. After originally packed with the paper plastic package, the product will be put into the plastic bag together with the Operation Instructions and the Product Qualification Certificates.

The paper plastic roll bag is used as the inner package. It is compounded from the medical dialysis paper and plastic film. The production environment is controlled with the cleanness of Class 10,000. In the cleaning shop, the package bag is cut according to the product size. Then, its one side will be sealed with the heat-sealing machine. After the bag has been used to contain the product, its other side needs to be sealed with the sealing machine.

The paper plastic, into which the product has been put, will be cleaned in the controlling area where the cleanliness is of Class 10,000. All the cleaning methods have been inspected. The product packed with this method needs no cleaning prior to use. It just needs to be treated with sterilization in accordance with the methods specified in the Product Instructions.

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