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Proximal Union Locking Intramedullary Nail

1. Features
1) Enhanced rotation and angular stability
2) Control bone compression
3) Improvement of the anti-cutting out force of the lag screw
4) Avoid “Z” effect

2. UNION Nail Specification
1) Proximal 16.25x15.25mm
2) Distal 9, 10, 11, 12mm
3) Nail length 18cm, 20cm
4) Neck stem angle 130°
5) Distal interlocking hole: dynamic/static
6) 12°rake angle, with right and left side

3. UNION Locking Screw I Specification
1) Compression screw Dia.: 11mm
2) Anti-rotation screw Dis: 7mm
3) Be packed in the same package
4) Can offer 0-10mm of compression
5) At most 12-13mm

4. UNION Locking Screw II Specification
1) 11mm lag screw
2) 7mm compression screw
3) 15.25mm union screw
4) Maximum 13mm of compression
5) Integrated packaging (5mm of increments)
6) Compression screws are 5mm shorter than lag screws
7) 70mm/65mm-125mm/120mm
8) If the lag screw is too low, it would be used as an alternative

5. UNION End Cap Specification 
1) Extra-long end cap
2) Pre-assembled in the proximal end of nail
3) Choose to lock it or not depending on the specific situation
4) Distal locking screw: 5mm holding screw

6. Indication
1) Comminuted tibial shaft fracture
2) Proximal tibial metaphyseal fracture
3) Hip and knee flexion limitation (hip degeneration, fusion, knee osteoarthritis) or not (the risk of posterior hip dislocation, ipsilateral femoral shaft fractures)
4) Infrapatellar skin in injury limb
5) Tibia is too long (more than C arm projection range)
6) Used with WASTON Gustillo Intramedullary Nail

7. Attention
1) A UNION nail is not a substitute for PFNA, they are two different fixation systems.
2) PFNA is mainly used in patients 65 years or older with osteoporosis, and spinal blade bone compaction. If the osteoporosis is too severe, a UNION nail is not suitable.
3) UNION nails can be used in young patients, a PFNA cannot.
4) UNION nails can be used with single long nails, double long nails, or long and short nails.

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