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Lumbar Cage

Our lumbar cage is designed to meet the professional requirement of the spinal treatment. It is available with a variety of thickness, so it adapts to any kind of bone physiological characteristics. This product can help shorten the surgery time.

Main Features
a. The lumbar cage allows the intervertebral disc to be completely removed. The controllable insertion method not only ensures the precise installation, but also accords with the spinal physiological curve.
b. Its front part is higher than the back part, which is beneficial for restoring the spinal physiological curve.
c. The up and bottom arched surfaces are well suited to the end plate, enhancing the stability.

--- Anterior lumbar intervertebral fusion
---Please refer to the product instructions for the detailed information, including contraindications, precautions, and warnings.

Package and Sterilization Treatment
The product is supplied in the non-sterile package. After originally packed with the paper plastic package, the product will be put into the plastic bag together with the Operation Instructions and the Product Qualification Certificates.

The paper plastic roll bag is used as the inner package. It is compounded from the medical dialysis paper and plastic film. The production environment is controlled with the cleanness of Class 10,000. In the cleaning shop, the package bag is cut according to the product size. Then, its one side will be sealed with the heat-sealing machine. After the bag has been used to contain the product, its other side needs to be sealed with the sealing machine.

The paper plastic, into which the product has been put, will be cleaned in the controlling area where the cleanliness is of Class 10,000. All the cleaning methods have been inspected. The product packed with this method needs no cleaning prior to use. It just needs to be treated with sterilization in accordance with the methods specified in the Product Instructions.

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