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    1. Cervical CageOur dedicated cervical cage can meet the special requirements of the spinal treatment. We can design the product of different kinds of thickness, with the aim to satisfy the patients’ different bone physiological traits. That is to say, our product can help shorten the surgery time.
    1. Lumbar Cagea. The lumbar cage allows the intervertebral disc to be completely removed. The controllable insertion method not only ensures the precise installation, but also accords with the spinal physiological curve.
      b. Its front part is higher than the back part, which is beneficial for restoring the spinal physiological curve.
      c. The up and bottom arched surfaces are well suited to the end plate, enhancing the stability.

Spine Cage

The spine cage is designed to replace the fractured, damaged, or instable intervertebral disc that is caused by the tumour or trauma. This system mainly includes cervical cage and lumbar cage. Its raw material is PEEK.

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