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    1. WHY Series Disposable Circular StaplerThe WHY series disposable circular stapler is the most convenient circular stapler. The curved intraluminal stapler is available in six sizes. Additionally, the anastomotic staplers have the applications throughout the alimentary tract for end-to-end, end-to-side anastomosis.
    1. WHY Series Reusable Circular Stapler1. The reusable circular staple of WHY series has four specifications suitable for the different stapler modes 25, 27, 29, 32.
      2. This economical product is convenient to detach and clean.
      3. It applies the pure titanium, and the changeable cartridge makes it trustable.
      4. The product can be resterilized.

Circular Stapler

The circular stapler was widely applied to the gastrointestinal surgery since 1978. It is an ideal replacement for the traditional manually used equipment. Our circular stapler is easy to use, but offers fast suture. It seldom has any side effect or complications. Sometimes, this product even can offer an effective solution to the tumor surgery that previously could not be removed. Therefore, it is highly favored by the domestic and overseas clinical surgeons.

The product of WHY series is mainly used for the end-to-end, end-to-side, or the side-to-side anastomosis of the digestive system.

Ⅰ Performance Features and Working Principle
The circular stapler applies the mutually staggered array of staples for the anastomosis. It allows the reliable fastness of the anastomotic stoma. Also, both exceptional hemostatic effect and blood supply are ensured. With our product, the stapling and cutting can be realized in one time, which is really convenient. So to speak, this product can shorten the operative time, and improve the surgery quality with minimum trauma and complications.

Ⅱ Package and Delivery
Each stapler is sealed with the blister box and dialyzing paper, and then put into the hard paper box together with the Operation Instructions and Inspection Certificate. The corrugated carton is used as the big package, preventing the product from being damaged in the normal transportation and storage.

Since the date of the irradiation sterilization of the packed product, the validity period will be two years under the normal storage conditions.

Ⅲ Contraindications
1. Muscle thickening, poor healing ability, edema of esophageal mucosa
2. The esophagus is too small or the esophageal muscular layer is too thin.
3. The secondary anastomosis is not recommended when the first one has failed.
4. The esophagus, after cut off, is defined to have cancer tissue residue or muscular layer damage.
5. Center blood vessel.

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