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    1. GHY Series Disposable PPH Stapler1. The product is for single use, avoiding the possibility of cross-infection.
      2. The large cartridge housing capacity accommodates even extensive prolapses.
      3. Our product allows for the controlled, stable, minimum dilatation of the circular anal dilator.
      4. The purse string suture anoscope not only provides simultaneous flatting of the prolapse...
    1. Reusable PPH Stapler1. The reusable PPH stapler is economical, and its body can be resterilized.
      2. It is made of the pure titanium. It is trustable with the changeable cartridge.
      3. This product is convenient to dismantle and clean.
      4. Both cut and anastomose units are equipped for the operation.
    1. Disposable Three-Row-Staple PPH StaplerThe disposable three-row PPH stapler is dedicated to the anal hemorrhoidectomy and excision of rectal prolapse. This type of three-row PPH stapler comes with exceptional hemostatic effect ...
    1. Disposable Visible PPH Stapler1. The disposable visible PPH stapler makes use of the stainless steel anvil and stainless steel guide shaft, with the purpose to make the closing and firing more stable.
      2. Equipped with a greater lumen of the staple cartridge, it makes the surgery more successful.
      3. Its transparent cartridge and nail-pushing piece make a clearer visual feedback.

PPH Stapler, Prolapse and Hemorrhoid Stapler

Ⅰ Advantages
1. Short Operating Time
2. Slight Postoperative Pain
3. Fewer complications, no damage to the hemorrhoidal cushions

Ⅱ Working Principle
The GHY series disposable PPH stapler offers the suture solution to the prolapse and hemorrhoid, through two circles of mutually staggered array of titanium staples. With the central annular knife, it simultaneously resects the excessive tissue after the suture.

Ⅲ Precautions
1. You should follow the general principles when using this stapler.
2. It would be best that the purse string suture is 4cm above the dentate line and the anastomotic stoma is 2cm above the dentate line. Too low positions will increase the possibility of postoperative bleeding, but too high position will make the postoperative result not obvious. Additionally, the purse string suture should be deep into the submucosa. Otherwise, the mucosa will be easily torn when suturing, thus giving rising to the possibility of bleeding. But too deep suturing will easily cause the damage to the myenteron.
3. The suture ling shouldn’t be too tight.
4. After the firing, you should be careful when you get out the instrument.

Ⅳ Contraindications
1. This product is not recommended for pregnant women, children, or the persons who couldn’t endure the surgery, or are suffering from intractable constipation, pelvic tumor, portal hupertension, or Budd-chiari syndrome.
2. Central nervous system or central circulatory system

Ⅴ Cautions
1. This disposable PPH stapler is sealed with the aseptic package. The package box has the notation of Aseptic on its surface. Under the condition that the small package remains unopened or the package is free from any damage, the sterilization validity will be two years.
2. Before using, check the package and validity period. Do not use the product, if the package is damaged or it is beyond the validity period.
3. The product should be stored in the ventilated, dry, cool place. The storage environment should be free from any corrosive gas, and the relative humidity is no more than 80%.
4. The instrument should be protected from squeezing, abrasion, striking, etc.

Ⅵ Package
The product should be packed together with the accessories. The blister box and dialysis paper are used as the inner package, while the outer package uses the carton box. Inside each package, there are one stapler, one certificate of inspection, and one operation instruction.

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