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QHS Series Disposable Linear Cutter

The Most Consistent Staple Formation
1. The QHS series disposable linear cutter delivers two double-staggered rows of staples while simultaneously dividing the tissue between rows.
2. The linear cutter is designed with the safety lock-out feature, for preventing a used reloading unit from being refired.
3. The linear cutter is applied for the transection, resection, and anastomosis in the Gastrointestinal, Thoracic, Gynecologic and Urologic Surgeries.

Exclusive Features
1. Unique cam gear can make the staple formation consistent, through which way the bleeding can be effectively prevented.
2. The handle is ergonomically designed.
3. The QHS series disposable linear cutter is favorable to be used by single hand.
4. Provided with the cartridge, the linear cutter is available for different tissue thickness.
5. The longest cutting line is 98mm. Therefore, the product can be used to transect a larger organ in one firing.

QHS Series Disposable Linear Cutter
Cartridge code Cartridge mode Cartridge Color Staple Height (mm)
12026060 QZS-60-C Blue 3.8
12026080 QZS-80-C Blue 3.8
12026180 QZS-80-D Yellow 4.4

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