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Surgical Stapler Assistant Instruments

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Product InformationⅠ
Product Name Product Code Specification Dimension Abbreviation
Purse Pliers 12051007 HBQ-7 42mm 7
12051008 HBQ-8 48mm 8
12051009 HBQ-9 55mm 9

• For making purse during the operation for digestive and appendicitis.
• This device is easy for operating and can save time during the operation.

Product Information Ⅱ
Product Code Specification Dimension
12052005 CZQ-5 5mm

• Hold the anvil.
• This product is used for connecting the anvil and trocar.

Product Information Ⅲ
Product Name Specification Dimension
Purse Acus with String 1/0 Strengthened L 64mm
1/0 Strengthened S 54mm

• Purse Acus: It is made by the stainless steel which enjoys good flexibility.
• Purse String: It is made by the nylon which guarantees the elongation and linking intention.

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