Company Value

Company Value
A sustainable business is by definition a responsible business. Responsibility isn't an add-on or luxury; it's an integral part of the way we run our business to achieve profitable, consistent and sustainable performance.

In WASTON, we are focusing more on the gain of immaterial wealth, rather than the increasing of material wealth. Because we know that the sustainable development only can be achieved unless our company can make progress together with our staffs and make contributions to local community at the same time.

Public Welfare Contribution
Every year, WASTON will actively take part in each public campaign for the local community launched by UNION GROUP. We are keen to do anything we can do for our communities, including supports on the local issues like education, healthcare, charity, social security of the elderly, and so on. We always have an exemplary role to play in these campaigns as a local leading company, while we are also trying ourselves to arouse enthusiasm in other organizations and other individuals.

Environment and Sustainable Development
Environmental protection is a crucial part of sustainable development, and WASTON's environmental motto has always been "Green WASTON, Green Communication, and a Green World". We observe the international standards in product development and other business activities, and aim to achieve environmental protection through the wise use of natural resources and technological innovation.

WASTON not only believes in the need to stay at the forefront of technology, but also in the active promotion of environmental awareness and conservation. In order to lead by example, we have implemented the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management system based on international standards, which strives to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, and aims to achieve the following objectives:
1. Increase awareness of the importance of EHS in our design, production, and operation processes.
2. Systematically identify potential environmental risks and occupational hazards.
3. Lay down specific EHS requirements for our purchasing strategy, and promote EHS throughout the whole supply chain.
4. Encourage EHS awareness among our employees and cultivate a corporate culture that emphasizes the individual responsibility that each of us have towards the environment.
5. Increase focus on sustainable development through the reduction of energy consumption and efficient usage of resources.
6. Perform internal audit and management review of EHS on a regular basis.

To ensure that our EHS objectives are met, we started a "Green Products" program that covers R&D, procurement, production, and customer support. WASTON has been engaged in the research and development of environmental-friendly products for several years and emphasizes the importance of eco-design throughout the entire IPD process, from concept development to product launch. We aim to achieve three main goals through eco-design. Those goals are environment conservation, quality enhancement, as well as the rational and efficient usage of resources.

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