2001: Changzhou Union Group and the Japanese Ohtsuka Company jointly founded the Waston Medical Appliance Co., Ltd. in the Wujin High-Tech industrial Park, Changzhou City. We began to produce medical products.

2002: Waston officially started the business about the orthopedic fixation implants, and set up the orthopedic division. In the year, it cooperated with the Changzhou Yanling Electronic Co., Ltd. The Surgical Stapler Division came into being.

2003-2005: All of the products, e.g. bone plate system, locking plate and screw system, surgical staplers, etc., were registered through the National Drug Administration. During the period, its holding company named Shanghai Minwei Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded.

2006: All waston products were launched into the domestic market.

2007: All the products were CE certified. We could export the products to the western countries.

2008: The Company formally introduced the patented titanium rib plate system. Besides that, its new factory and office building were built up and put into use. The total building coverage is more than 20, 000 square meters.

2009: Till this year, waston products had covered the entire domestic market. We had seven regional service centers and more than 200 distributors. In addition, the products were well accepted in more than 30 courtiers. Especially, the surgical staplers were exported to more than 10 European countries. As for OEM service, we had the relationships with more than 30 enterprises, 5 of which were the world top five in the spinal products field. Moreover, we cooperated with the Doctor returnees to found the Changzhou Waston Biotech Co., Ltd. The Waston Technical Innovation Centre was created.

2010: Twenty million RMB were invested to equipment. The equipment includes five axis processing centers, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC precision engraving machines, etc. Waston cooperated with the experts and scientific research institutions. Additionally, our patented digital customized implants were officially launched into the international market.

2011: 1. All the products were updated. We launched new products, namely M9 series internal fixation spinal system, proximal lateral tibial locking plate, and intramedullary nail system. The updated rib bone plate is available in the aseptic package.
2. Our company established the strategic partnership with the Chinese Journal of Orthopaedics, to undertake the final review meetings held in various regions.
3. The affiliated hospital of Luzhou Medical College and our company cooperated to build up the Luzhou Medical - Watson Joint Biomechanics Laboratory.

2012: Till the year, we have developed many new products. The products that are already or will be on the market, including:
1. Othorpedics Division:
a. Spinal:M7 Series Intelligent Spinal Screw-rod System; NEULEN Cervical Laminoplasty Plate System;
b. Trauma: DISTALOCK Intramedullary Nail System; FAST Mini Locking Plate; FCL New Type Locking Plate; WHC-I Acetabulum Internal Fixation System
2. Stapler Division: Three-Row Staples Circular Stapler, Disposable Three-row Staples PPH Stapler, Disposable Visible PPH Stapler.
3. Cardiothoracic Division: Patented Titanium Rib Plate System; Thoracic Distractor; Thoracic Suture Instrument
4. New Product Division: Negative Pressure Drainage Set

Far more than that, we at Waston attended more than 70 conferences including both domestic and overseas ones. In 2012, we cooperated with Zhejiang Provincial Hospital to establish the Waston Orthopaedic New-tech Joint Research Laboratory. Besides that, our company and Nanfang Hospital jointly built up the Spinal New-tech Joint Research Laboratory. The Orthopedic Biomechanics Joint Testing Center set up through our cooperation with Institute of. Orthopedics, Soochow University, will be formally put into use soon.

During the year, it was our first time to act as the gold sponsor in the Chinese Orthopedics Annual Meeting. Thanks to our new products together with the unique booth, we were able to obtain the satisfactory achievements. The new investment of this year is up to 10,000,000RMB.

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