Technological Innovation Center

To further integrate the scientific and technological resources, we have formed new cooperation and innovation mechanism as well as the commercialization mechanism of research findings, thus boosting the further development of the medical industry. In December of 2009, our company has cooperated with Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing Military General Hospital, Suzhou University, etc., to formally set up the Changzhou Huashen Technological Innovation Center. The joint innovation is conducted by the experts, manufacturers, and merchants.

Program Guide
1. Every year, 10% of the after-tax profits will be used as the innovation fund.
2. The personal or group who take part in the research of the medical products innovation, will be given the project fund after the evaluation of the experts. In addition, our company will assist them to carry out the tasks, for instance, the patent application, product trail-production, inspection, etc. Waston will undertake the main fees.
2. Once the project is adopted by the Waston, the intellectual property of the idea belongs to the original provider. If the program does bring profit, you will long-term get the commission. At least 3% of the sales amount will be given to the property owner. The person who makes outstanding contributions will be rewarded handsomely.

Cooperation Mode
1. During the cooperation for developing new products, Waston is responsible for the registration, promotion, and marketing of the product. If the product generates economic benefits, at least 3% commissions will be given to the property owner. The specific proportion which depends on your contribution to the project development will be decided by both parties.
2. The project will be invested by both parties, but it will be individually accounted by Watson through the method of equity participation. The intellectual property is treated as the invisible assets.
3. For other modes, we can discuss it according to both parties. Waston also can invest money and send talents to the region of the project owner for building up the enterprise.

1. Welcome to provide the consultation service with regard to the production, management of our company. The consultation includes exchange of information, development positioning, technical support, product evaluation, and more.
2. Expand the cooperation field.
3. All the works are arranged in the spare time, which has no affect on your work. Waston assumes the legal and economic responsibilities for all the works it does.

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